Personal Assistance & Counseling

First Year Students

Welcome to the Technion.
We will be happy to act as your guide in obtaining assistance and benefits offered by Technion and external sources.
Upon your acceptance to the Technion you are invited to come in for a personal consultation meeting with our staff on any of the following issues:

    • Campus welfare (non-academic aspects).
    • Financial planning and financial aid available to you throughout the duration of your studies at Technion.
    • Information regarding scholarship options.
    • Information about student loans.
    • Preparing references for other campus resources as needed.

Experience has shown that receiving early counseling on these issues, at the time of your acceptance to the institute or at the onset of a crisis, is in your best long-term interests.

Your personal consultation meeting may be held at the Dean of Students Office or over the phone from Sunday to Wednesday from 10:00 to 13:00 by prior appointment only.
To book an appointment please contact us at:

The Dean of Students Office is located at the Fishbach Building (use side entrance adjacent to the Ullmann Building)

Students from Second Year & Onward

Students entering their second, third and fourth year of studies are offered individual assistance in detecting the source of their financial burden while examining possible coping strategies to help them plan their budget for the academic year.

Possible Causes of Financial Stress

        • Problems relating to a student’s socioeconomic background.
        • Personal health issues or a family member’s health problems keeping them from obtaining a source of income.
        • Improper management of their budget during the academic year.
        • Academic difficulties/personal problems

When to turn for help?

            If you are facing financial difficulties we urge you to contact our office at your earliest convenience, starting at the beginning of the academic year, or at the onset of the crisis, to set an appointment with one of our counsellors. Our trained staff will be able to help you come up with a suitable strategy for arriving at the most optimal solution.

We can assist you with the following issues (based of socioeconomic criteria):

          • Annual budget planning.
          • Obtaining financial resources (both within and external to the Technion).
          • Assistance in balancing your income and expenditures throughout the year.
          • Securing a Technion financial loan.
          • Providing referrals of eligibility for external scholarship sources.