Community Projects

Academic Credit for Social Action

Following a decision by the Technion’s governing body, an initiative by the Dean of Students’ office and the Student Union, a change was approved for Section 2.3.3 of the Undergraduate Studies regulations:


Recognized volunteer work in return for academic credits:

Undergraduate students may obtain academic credits for volunteer community service work (activities with no monetary or other material compensation).

To be eligible for one point of academic credit, students must have completed 26 hours of volunteer work during the semester (or two hours per week).

To be eligible for two points of academic credit, students must have completed 30 hours of volunteer work during the year.

A pool of volunteer resources was gathered including mentoring frameworks, work with children, work with people with special needs, community services and more.

A pool of volunteer resources was gathered including mentoring frameworks, work with children, work with people with special needs, community services and more.

A link to the list of organizations and foundations can be found on the ASAT website or by contacting the Student Union's volunteer work organizer.



PERACH – Tutorial Program

Students are

invited to take part in a variety of mentoring opportunities offered through the program in return for a PERACH scholarship. Every student will be able to find a tutoring activity suited to his/her talents and skill sets, over a wide geographic area. The following options are available: individual (one-on-one) tutoring of school-aged children in the regular educational system or in special needs programs; academic tutoring to prepare high-school students for their matriculation exams; or group tutoring in areas including: sciences, health education, leadership, social economics and more. For more information and registration please visit the program website or contact the PERACH Program Coordinator at Technion: Sara Shrir at: 04-832-7142 | Perach Office in Technion City.

PERACH – Holocaust Survivors Support Program

The Foundation for the Benefit of Holocaust Victims in Israel was established in 1994 by Israeli Holocaust survivors for Holocaust survivors. Survivors have unique problems that are a direct result of the Holocaust, issues that have accompanied them throughout the years and intensify with age. Lack of family support and social networks plaguing some survivors set off Decorativefeelings of loneliness and distress. The foundation aims to organize volunteer networks that can provide them with the support and assistance they need.
For more information please contact the Volunteer Coordinator in Haifa, Ms. Pnina Biderman, at: 052-8397711.

The Program for the Advancement of Technological Manpower

The scholarship program combines significant volunteer work with amazing youth groups and regularly scheduled working hours that will fill you with an energy and sense of fulfilment.

Technion’s unique tutoring program, which has been running for nearly 30 years, aims to educate the future generation in the core technology related subjects, in order to create a window of opportunity for students interested in entering the world of engineering and technology. The goal is to improve academic achievements of high school students so that when they graduate, these students will be well equipped for successful integration into academia. Many program graduates went on to study at the Technion and some of them joined the program’s team leader group.

Students prepare small groups (up to six) of high-school students in grades 9-12 in mathematics and physics for 4- and 5-point matriculation exams. The small group setting promotes deeper learning and enrichment opportunities in a friendly and personal atmosphere. Tutors meet with their groups at their high school once a week (every Thursday), for a total of 26 three-hour sessions during the course of the academic year. Experience has shown that over the course of the program a special bond grows between the tutors and each of their students of great benefit to them both. Tutors come prepared with lesson plans and arrive to the schools with organized transportation from the Technion (which takes them to their destination and returns them to the campus at the end of their sessions).

Registration to the program opens each June via email: or by calling: 04-829-2900.
Admission to the scholarship program involves a personal interview. Candidates who have been accepted to the program will undertake a training workshop which will be given before the start of the first semester. Students will receive a scholarship in the amount of 7,000 NIS towards tuition. Participants in the program will benefit from an enjoyable and rewarding experience that will last them long after their graduation. We urge you to apply! For more information please don’t hesitate to contact us.

M.A.T.A Initiative

The MATA Initiative is a collaborative out-reach program by the Haifa Municipality, the Ministry of Education and the Technion. The aim of the program is to promote and enhance skills and confidence of 4th and 5th grade students of medium achievement in science and technology-related subjects. Registration for MATA is made through the PERACH Scholarship program:
Tel: 832-7142 | Perach Office in Technion City

Haifa Municipality

The Haifa Municipality invites students to take part in a variety of volunteering opportunities offered by the city. Every student will be able to find volunteer work suited to his/her talents and skill sets through the Department of Volunteerism and Community Resources.
Students may choose to take on individual, group or community resource related assignments, depending on their preferences and suitability, working with children and youth, the elderly, people with special needs, single-parent families, new immigrants and more. Enrichment, support and guidance will be given on an ongoing basis.
For more information, details and registration, please contact Ahuva Tzipkis at:
Tel: 04-8360030 ext. 03 |