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Personal Assistance Unit

Student consultation at Technion

The Unit looks after the economic welfare of about 4,000 students per year. Our dedicated team initiates and organizes projects promoting general student welfare on campus, and offers a variety of student support services including:

  • Technion Scholarships: provided based on socio-economic status.
  • External Scholarships: provided through our cooperation with dozens of foundations, nonprofit organizations and programs that grant significant scholarships and tuition based scholarships.
  • Sports Scholarships: awarded each year to outstanding student athletes who are members of Technion’s sports teams.
  • Scholarships for Community Action: for participating in student community youth projects, involving science- and technology-based learning or for involvement in nursing activities in hospitals. Students put in between 4-7 weekly hours for a scholarship awarding between 55-75% of tuition fees.
  • Loans: made available at convenient terms, zero interest and quick approval.
  • Personal Assistance & Counseling: offering guidance, advice and personalized assistance to new and first year students.
  • Special Projects: such as establishing and upgrading computer farms and club rooms in dormitories for students with special needs, and more.